The State Central Library

Located in the heart of Shillong city, the State .the State Central library of Meghalaya has become one of the attractive spots in the state.With trees standing all around, the serenity of the compound offers a congenial atmosphere for study and relaxation. Its close proximity to state and central Government offices, and situated well within walking distance from many educational institutions, attracts a large number of visitors both young and old from within and outside the state. The Library caters to the need of all categories of readers from different walks of life like students, scholars, researchers, bureaucrats, retired personel, government employees, and children etc. Military personel could also be seen visiting the library off and on.

The State Central Library was constructed by the erstwhile government of Assam in the early fifties, with the attainment of statehood of Meghalaya, the Assam government handed over the State Central Library, Shillong to the Meghalaya government on 19th Jan, 1974 dividing the assets of the Library between the two states.Within a short span of time the State Central Library, Shillong under the Meghalaya Government has been able to develop to a full fledge State Library.The Library is growing day by day and has now a stock of about 1,85000 volumes including 8249 volumes received as free gifts and about 12,514 volumes from the Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library foundation. Major bulk of the books in the library are in English and in other languages like Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Khasi and Garo. The Library has a number of Magazines, Newspapers, Journals etc, to suit the tastes of the readers of all ages.

At present there are about 24,145 registered members, adults 18,429 Children 5717. The average number of books issued daily is 250 and the average number of readers in different section is 200. Apart from regular members there are a large number of readers who visit the library for reading and reference, which is opened to all.

Another significant attraction of the State Central Library is its Auditorium with its capacity of about 890 people for all types of functions both Government and public being held through out the year.

The State Central Library has also other District Libraries in the State Viz. Jowai,Nongstoin,Tura and Williamnagar which serve the public in their respective District Headquarters.