The Historical and Antiquarian studies has taken up the reprinting of very important book lime the "Succession to Syiemships" written by Captain Herbert.. Another book "Ku'bidik" written by Rev. Ramke Momin has been translated from Bengali script into Roman script.Besides translation works, the department also publish regularly it's Departmental Journal "Heritage of Meghalaya"

  1. Succession to Syiemships in the Khasi States by captian D. Herbert (reprinted in 1991)
  2. Bengali to Garo Dictionary by Rev. Ramke Momin, a Garo Missionary (reprinted in 1996)
  3. Autobiography of Rev. Ramke Momin (reprinted in 1992)
  4. Ripinggimin Poederang by Anonymous (reprinted in 1992)
  5. Khasi Hills District Gazetteer printed in 1991
  6. Garo Hills District Gazetteer printed in 1996
  7. Jaintia Hills District Gazetteer printed in 1997
  8. Festivals and Ceremonies in Meghalaya - Seminar papers printed in 1994
  9. Tribal Institution in Meghalaya - Seminar papers in 1985
  10. Garo Customary Laws - Seminar papers printed in 1989
  11. Prehistory of Meghalaya and Social Formation in Khasi and Jaintia Hills - Seminar papers printed in 1996
  12. Socio-Economic Survey - Thadlaskein Development Block - A Project Report printed in 1990.
  13. Customs and Jewelleries in Meghalaya - A project Study-Print awaited.


Heritage of Meghalaya


State Museum of Meghalaya : Shillong