Historical and Antiquarian Studies

The Department has taken up the reprinting of very important book lime the "Succession to Syiemships" written by Captain Herbert which is no longer available in the market and which need to be preserved for future reference by scholars, etc. Another book "Ku'bidik" written by Rev. Ramke Momin has been translated from Bengali script into Roman script and is reprinted for the benefit of the scholars and academicians. Besides translation works, the department also publish regularly it's Departmental Journal "Heritage of Meghalaya".

Living Heritage Scheme was introduced with a view to preserve and passes the knowledge and skill of the artistes and artisans in the traditional art forms from one generation to another.

To commemorate the love for art and literature by Rabindra Nath Tagore an art gallery has been set up in the heritage building located at Brooksite. The department is organizing Painting and Art Workshop in order to enrich the Rabindra Art Gallery at Heritage building located at Brooksite, Rilbong, Shillong.

It is also the duty of the department to enforce and implement the Registration of Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972 in order to prevent the antiquities and art treasures that are 75 years old or not from being smuggled outside the State and the country.