Library Rules

  1. The name of the Library shall be "The State Central Library", Shillong
  2. The main objectives of the Library are: -
    1. To assemble, preserve and administer books and related educational materials in organized collection in order to promote and encourage the habit of reading for different purposes such as for widening the mental horizon, utilizing leisure time in a worth-while manner, research, collecting necessary data for solution of problems and above all for acquiring knowledge and aptitude for citizenship, etc.
    2. To serve the Community as a general center of reliable information, including digital information
    3. To provide opportunity and encouragement for Children, young people, men and women to educate themselves continuously
  3. The property of the Library shall belong to the Government of Meghalaya in the Arts & Culture Department and vest in the said Department with the aforesaid aims and objects
  4. The Government of Meghalaya may at any time frame new Rules or amend or rescind any of these rules as may be found necessary
  5. The jurisdiction of the State Central Library shall extend to District Libraries, Sub-Divisional Libraries and Village Libraries. The Librarian, State Central Library, Assam is charged with the development, maintenance and operation of the entire Library programme and its service out-lets. He will exercise control over these Libraries in all organizational matters. He will also submit a monthly report on the status of libraries as may be required by Government from time to time.

Library Board

  1. There shall be an advisory Board to be called the State Central Library Advisory Board
  2. The function of the State Central Library Advisory Board shall be :-
    1. To advise the State Government on the organaisation, general improvement and extension of Library Programmes, including involving the people in the Library Movement
    2. To dispose of (any) suggestions and complaints
    3. To advise in the matter of accepting or rejecting offers of books and other endorsement/ donation for the Library
    4. To consider and approve, the annual report submitted by the Librarian, State Central Library, and make recommendations to Government
    5. The Board shall be constituted by Government and shall consist of 13 members as follows: -
      1. Principal Secretary/ Commissioner/ Secretary, - Chairman Arts and Culture Department
      2. Director of Arts and Culture, Department - Vice Chairman
      3. Commissioner/ Secretary , Education Department
      4. Director of Higher and Technical Education
      5. Director of Elementary and Mass Education
      6. Director, S.C.E.R.T
      7. Nominees from NEHU, Degree Colleges/ Secondary Schools in Shillong
      8. Three representatives from among active members of the Library
      9. Librarian State Central Library - Secretary
      The Librarian, State Central Library shall be the ex-officio Secretary of the Board. The term of the members other than ex-officio members shall be for three years. Members shall be eligible for re-appointment. Vacancies arising from resignation or otherwise shall be filled up by Government upto the extent of the duration of the original member.
  3. The Headquarter of the Board shall be at Shillong. T.A. and D.A. of non-official members shall be regulated by S.R.309(a), as amended by the Government from time to time
  4. The Board shall meet at least twice a year. Urgent matters may be disposed of by the Secretary with the approval of the Chairman or in his absence the Vice Chairman when there is no time to convene a special meeting, and the matter shall be subsequently laid before the Committee
  5. Generally a fortnight notice of each meeting shall be given to the members of the Board for holding meetings of the Board. An extra-ordinary meeting may be convened at any time on the motion of the Chairman or the Vice-Chairman
  6. Seven members shall form the quorum. If there be no quorum within 15 minutes after the time (fixed) appointed for the meeting, it shall stand adjourned to a specified date and at the adjourned meeting the business may be disposed of without a quorum
  7. The Chairman shall preside over the meetings, and, in his absence the Vice-Chairman. In the absence of both of them, one of the members present will be elected to preside
  8. The Librarian as Secretary shall convene meetings of the Board and shall carry on all executive works. All correspondence of the Board shall be carried on by the Secretary, provided that no correspondence shall be made with the Government which can only be made through the Director of Arts and Culture, Meghalaya
  9. The Board may appoint various Sub-committees of the Board as and when necessary to advice in the Selection of books, Newspapers, etc. for the Library. Members of these Sub-committees shall ordinarily be from among the members of the Board
  10. The proceedings of the meeting shall be recorded and shall be confirmed at the next meeting

Hours of Opening

The State Central Library and all Public Libraries of the State, will remain open for the reading public as shown except gazetted and other holidays declared by Government from time to time.

  1. Sunday - Closed
  2. Weekdays - 11.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  3. Mondays - Closed

The Government may change the working hours of the Library from time to time in the interest of the reading public by giving 7 days notice through the Notice Board of the Library and a Press Release.

  1. A person who is not of sound mind or is found undesirable or offensively unclean in person or dress or intoxicated of suffering from any infectious diseases shall not be admitted into the Library
  2. Sticks, umbrellas, boxes, bags, overcoats, waterproofs (rain-coats), printed materials in loose or in bound form and other articles of such sort shall be left at the entrance. The Library shall not be responsible for any damage to or loss of articles or for their replacement
  3. Dogs and other animals shall not be admitted
  4. Smoking, spitting, sleeping or lighting a match or a lighter are strictly prohibited inside the Library
  5. Silence shall be observed in the Library
  6. No person shall write upon, damage or make any mark upon any property belonging to the Library except for putting his signature clearly on the Register maintained for the purpose
  7. No tracing or mechanical reproduction of books and other Library properties shall be made without express permission from the Librarian
  8. Readers shall be responsible for any damage or injury done to the books or other properties belonging to the Library and shall be required to replace such books or other property damaged or to pay the value thereof. If one volume (book) of a set of books is damaged the person responsible shall be liable to replace the whole set or pay the value thereof
  9. Before leaving the Library, readers or visitors shall return to the Assistant on duty any book or document, etc. which they have taken for consultation
  10. No person(s) other than those connected with the management of the Library shall enter or remain in any part of the Library which has not been set apart for the use of the public.

Reference Section and Reading Room

Person below 10 have to be escorted by an adult.Entry into the Reference Section or the Reading Circle shall be deemed to be an assent to the Rules of Admission to the Library.

Books and other materials must not be removed from the Reference Section or Reading Room Circle. Readers shall be held responsible for books, etc. issued to them for consulting or directly consulted by them inside the Reference Section or Reading Room.

Special facilities, subject to their availability, in respect of accommodation, etc. may be provided to the Research scholars who want to undertake research work in any particular subject. The Reference Librarian will provide all assistance to such persons.

Registration of members-Issue of Borrower's Tickets

Any person who is a permanent resident of the State Meghalaya and who is resides in any part of the State shall be entitled to register his or her name with the Library subject to other Rules.

A person residing in but who is not a permanent resident of the State Meghalaya shall not be registered unless he or she furnishes a guarantor, who must be a Gazetted Government Officer of the State. The above guarantor must affix his or her official Seal under his or her signature or otherwise satisfy the Librarian or his nominee that he or she is the proper person

  1. A person desirous of registering himself/herself as a member shall apply to the Librarian in the form prescribed in Schedule I of these Rules. He or she shall have to be recommended by any of the following :
    1. A registered member of the Library
    2. A Gazetted Officer of the State Government
    3. In case of employees of offices situated in Shillong by the Head of the Office or a sub-ordinate Office not below the rank of Superintendent
    4. The Head of a recognized educational Institution, where"Recognized Educational Institution" means those institutions recognized by the Education Department, Meghalaya and also those affiliated to the North Eastern Hill University , Guwahati University, Guwahati
    5. Heads of Bank and Insurance Companies in Shillong
    6. The Librarian of a recognized public, academic or technical Library of the State
    7. The Librarian may relax the provisions of Rule 22 and 23 in special cases.
  2. The name of the person recommending the application should be supported by appropriate official seal, wherever possible
  3. The guarantor or the recommendor signing the application shall be deemed to have satisfied himself that the particulars given by the applicant are correct. The guarantor or recommendor shall be responsible to indemnify the Library for the looses incurred by the Library on account of any miss-statement made by the applicant. In no case should the guarantor or recommendor recommend or guarantee more than 3 applications for membership in all

The applications of students of recognized educational institutions must be recommended by Heads of the respective Institutions even if the application is recommended by some one else under the rules

  1. Each person whose application for membership has been granted by the Librarian shall make a security deposit of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred) only for which an official receipt , membership card and "Borrower's Tickets" will be issued by the Officer receiving the each deposit as per format prescribed in Schedule I to these Rules
  2. The cash deposit is refundable on fulfillment of provisions of Rules 31 and 32
  3. The security deposit shall be increased by the Government on the recommendation of the Board every two years to reflect the increase in prices of books. All members will have to comply with the revised Security Deposit
  4. The members may be required to furnish one or more photographs for the membership card
  1. For Security Deposit realized from members, the Librarian, State Central Library , will maintain a Personal Ledger Account in the Shillong Treasury in his name, and he is also authorized to draw and disburse the same. The audit of the accounts shall be entrusted to the Examiner, Local Accounts
  2. All receipts other than the cash deposit realized from members, etc. shall be deposited into the Government Treasury under the appropriate Head of Account

Four Borrower's Tickets shall be issued to each member(s) against which books shall be lent under the Rules. Fresh books shall be lent to a member Borrower when he/she returns the books previously borrowed.

Membership shall remain valid for 24 months from the date of issue unless previously surrendered or cancelled. The loan of books shall be discontinued a fortnight before the expiry of the membership during which period the member may renew his membership by filling another form in Schedule III. Renewal shall require payment of enhanced Security Deposit, if any.

  1. A member who has lost a ticket shall make a written declaration of the same to the Librarian, and pay a fee of Rs.5/- for the each duplicate ticket required. The cost of a duplicate membership card will be Rs. 20/- Not-withstanding such replacement the member will remain responsible for any book borrowed on the original ticket and the Library shall not undertake the responsibility of detecting the misuse of such tickets
  2. Once bar coding is done, borrower's ticket shall be withdrawn
  3. A borrower can be asked to comply with new Rules including payment of revised security deposit

A member who desires to have his membership terminated and security deposit withdrawn shall obtain "No-due Certificate" from the Officer I/c. of the Issue Section in the format prescribed in Schedule IV to these Rules

On obtaining the Certificate he shall apply to the Librarian and surrender his borrower's tickets Certificate and deposit receipt. At least seven days notice shall be required for withdrawal of the security deposit.

No deposit shall be repaid until all the books outstanding against the member, his Borrower's Ticket and the deposit receipt have been duly returned and all the dues from him are paid.

If the payment of such deposits is to be made by money order or postal order, etc. postal charges shall be borne by the applicant.

Book Stacks

Only active registered members of the Library shall have the right of access to the Book Stacks for the purpose of borrowing books. Their representatives may be admitted and allowed to borrow books on their behalf provided they hold a letter of authority from the member concerned to the satisfaction of the Librarian. Entry into the Book Stacks shall be deemed to be an assent to the Rules of admission to the Library.

  1. While there is open access to the Book Stacks, under special circumstances, certain sections may be declared as closed stacks. The Assistant at the enquiry desk may be consulted if a member wants to obtain any book shelves from these closed sections
  2. The Counter for the issue of books shall be closed 10 minutes before the closing time of the Library.
  1. A member will be entitled to borrow four books at a time against his four borrower's tickets
  2. Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Directories, Newspapers, Periodicals and any other books or publications declared by the Librarian as "Reference Books" shall not be available on loan.

Books will be lent out for 30 days from the date of issue . An over-due fine of Rs. 5/- per volume per day will be charged for the books kept after the due date. For children and student members, the fine would be Rs. 2/- per volume per day.

In case a member fails to make good any loss or damage or fails to return the book the Librarian is empowered to recover all such dues firstly from the "Security Deposit" and if the "Security Deposit" is insufficient, such balance will be recoverable under law. Provided that in case of a Government Servant, the amount will be realised through the Department concerned before any further action under the law is taken.

Non-receipt of a reminder will not be entertained as an excuses for delay in return of any borrowed book.

  1. Books and publications may be recalled before the due date of return without giving any reason thereof
  2. Loan can be renewed upto three times at the discretion of the Librarian provide.(i)the request for renewal is made before the due date and(ii) no other member has requested for the book in the meantime
  3. Such renewals as in (b) above need to be made in person.

No person shall take a book or journal or any thing else belonging to the Library out of the Library without having it properly issued to him. To do so will constitute an offence under the relevant Section of the Indian Penal Code.

Member are not allowed to further lend the books of the Library or transfer the use of the privilege of their tickets or membership card.

Before leaving the counter, the member shall satisfy himself that the book lent to him is in sound condition. If it is not, he shall immediately bring the matter to the notice of the Assistant on duty. If appropiate notings of damage are not made in advance by the authorised attendant of the Library, the member he will be liable to be held responsible for any damage or mutilation of the book

All persons, while, leaving the Library will show their books and other belongings such as brief-case, bags, etc. to the janitor at the exit for him to check books belonging to the Library which are being taken out, if any, have been properly issued with a gate pass.

Government offices may borrow books and other publications for official use. Requisition for such books or publication must be made on prescribed forms as per Schedule V. Loan period for such books or publication is normally 3 months. The Librarian may at his discretion extend the period to a maximum of six months, provided that application for extension of the loan period is made before the due date.

Any book in the Stock of the Library except fiction may be reserved for a reader on completion of the appropriate form as prescribed in Schedule VI. When the book is available, intimation will be issued to the member and the book shall be reserved for 14 days from the date of issue of the intimation

Outstation and moffusil members may borrow books from the Book Stacks against their tickets on furnishing necessary requisition as per form given in Schedule VII. Such book shall be lent out for a period of 60 days from the date of issue. If the books are to be sent by post the borrower shall pay the cost of postage required for sending and returning the books. The postage required for sending the books will have to be paid in advance.

Members of transferable and temporary services and Military Officers are required to deposit the value of the books in addition to proper personal security approved by the Librarian on fulfillment of other condition laid down in the Library Rules.

At the time of Stock verification, to be carried out in the month of December, for a period not exceeding one week, the issue of books will remain entirely closed and notice for such closure will be issued through a Press Release and Notice on the Board.

Any complaint or suggestion in regards to the Library should be addressed to the Librarian in writing.

Children's Section

A member between the age of 5 and 10 years shall be entitled to the use of the Children's Section without being accompanied by an adult. Such children will however need an adult escort to access the Books Stacks.

Children upto the age of 5 years shall be entitled only to the use of Children's Section, when escorted by their parents or guardians (a maximum of two children per adult).

Entry into the Children's Section shall be deemed to be an assent to the existing rules of Library.

Deposit Centres

The State Central Library will have Deposit Centres in all District Libraries of the State, where books taken from the State Central Library can be returned with proper receipts.

Rules for the Travelling Libraries; Deposit Centres

Books may be lent to registered members across the State out of the District and other Deposit Centres under the following conditions and upon the borrower undertaking to comply with the conditions laid down below:-

  • The Deposit Centres shall admit the public to use of the books at such time as are appointed by the borrower and approved by the Librarian, State Central Library.

The Borrowers shall:-

  1. Place and keep all books lent in a suitable apartment approved by the Librarian, State Central Library
  2. Pay all expenses of packing and sending the book from and returning to the State Central Library or / District Library
  3. Give an undertaking to the satisfaction of the Librarian, State Central Library, Meghalaya that any book or bookcases, covers lent to the borrowers will be returned in good condition, regard being had to reasonable wear
  4. Comply with such other conditions as the Director of Arts & Culture may prescribe whether generally or in any particular case.

The Librarian, State Central Library shall be the sole judge of the value of any book, work, set or series or any book case or cover and the monetary compensation in respect of any injury done to any book, work, set or series or to any book case or cover.

Books can be donated by the State Central Library and District Libraries, to the Committee of Management of any approved Literary or Library Association or Society in Meghalaya, with the prior approval of the Advisory Board.