Dresses and Ornaments of Dancers in Festivals: Meghalaya

Khasi Female Dress:

  1. Ka Jainpien shad : A single piece lungi called "Jainpien" worn from the waist downwards upto the ankle
  2. Ka Sopti-Kit : A long sleeve velvet blouse with na (Sopti Muhmor) Rows of button on the front and lace decoration around the neck, colours of the blouse are usually red ,black, green, purple and violet
  3. Ka Sem Poh : Ka Jainsem of any colour worn over the above the right shoulders with pins or decorations
  4. Ka Dhara : A yellow or saffron coloured silk cloth especially designed for the khasi , worn on the right side and covering the "Sempoh" and fastened over the left shoulders with pins or decorations

Khasi Female Ornaments:

  1. Pansngiat : A silver crown adorning the head , resting on the knot of hair purposely fastened to level the head of the dancer for placing the crown. At this portion of the knot of hair, a projection of silver "Lasubon", (which is a silver ornament attached with a bunch of flowers), is tied to their hair knot at the back. From the hair knot a projection of the female hair is also provided on the right side back to accompany the lone silver chair ornament from which hangs three silver bells, on the back called "Saikhyllong" falling upto the waist of the female dancer.
  2. Siar Kynthei : The female is also adorned on both side her ears with eardrops of solid gold with enhanced support in chain of gold enfolding each earlobe
  3. U Shanryndang : This ornaments adorns the female neck of knopad either by gold called u "Shanryndang" are gold and red coral necklace "U Kpieng paila"
  4. Ki kpieng : The female dancer is decked with three rows of gold and red coral necklaces on her front. These three rows of necklaces are of different sizes and arranged in a descending order-big,bigger and biggest
  5. Kynjri tabah Kynthei: A bunch of silver chains is also placed along with the necklaces in the apparel of a female dancer
  6. Taj Rupa: These are silver armlets adoring both arms of the female dancer
  7. Mahu Rupa : These are silver fore-armlets adoring both fore-arms of the female dancer
  8. Khadu syngkha : These are wristlets of pure gold which find a place on both wrists of the female dancers
  9. Kynjri ksiar : These are gold chains which adorn the female dancer.

Khasi male Dress:

  1. Jainspong khor : A head-dress or turban usually colour with maroon prints either of geometric design or animal motifs made of a valueable silk especially designed for the Khasis
  2. Thuia : From the back of the head stands black and white feathers fastened from the back of the head and through the "Jainspong"
  3. Jainboh : A red coloured dhoti from waist downwards made of silk and bodered with golden threads
  4. Ka Jymphong shad : A black sleeveless jacket type embroidered with motif of leaves, flowers and animals in various colours and decorated with golden or silver tassels at the bottom end of the jacket.
  5. Jainteh Syngkai : A waistband which is knotted on the left side of the waist leaving a projection downwards upto the left leg below the knee.

Khasi male Ornaments:

  1. Siar Shynrang : On both ears, earring of solid gold made of various designs
  2. Shanryndang : Around his neck, a gold neckrest or two rows of gold and red coral necklace is fastened
  3. Kynjri tabah Shynrang : These are a bunch of silver chains purposely made for the male which entwines his body front and back
  4. Kynjri Syngkai : A bunch of silver chains adorning the waist of the male dancers
  5. Ka Ryngkap : A silver quiver beautifully designed and consisting of three silver arrows worn on the left side back of the male dancer and adorned with colourful feathers and at the end of which hangs a small bunch of horses tail
  6. U Kpieng : A single row of bis gold and red coral necklace
  7. U Symphiah : A white hair whisp of 'Yak's tail
  8. Ka Waitlam : A long iron sword.

Dresses and Ornaments of the Jaintias.

Jaintias Female Dresses:

  1. Jainpien/Ryndia Kyrwang : Striped cloth either black and white or black and maroon
  2. Jainsem Muga : Muga cloth
  3. Sopti Mukmor : Velvet Blouse mostly red
  4. Dhara : Silk dhara worn on both sides of shoulders and on the waist
  5. Thoh Saru : Eri Clth wrapper
  6. Dhara Muga : Muga cloth

Jaintias Female Ornaments:

  1. Kanapad : Golden Necklace
  2. Kpieng Ksiar/Kynjiri Ksiar : Golden Chain & Locket
  3. Khadu Ksiar : Golden Bangles
  4. Pansnggiat : Crown worn by the leader of the group
  5. Khasu Ksiar : Golden Bracelet
  6. Tiaw Lasubon/Thuia : Flowers worn on the head.

Jaintia Male Dresses:

  1. Jainboh: Maroon dhoti
  2. Tupia Jain: Black Cap
  3. Soptipohlieh: White Shirt
  4. Putoi: Waist Coat
  5. Ryndia: Shawl worn by men on occasions
  6. Jainspenglieh: White Turban made of eri cloth
  7. Canvas Sawbthuh: Reddish Brown Canvas

Jaintia Male Ornaments:

  1. Kynjri Rupa : Silver
  2. Kpieng Paila : Red and Gold beads necklace

Dresses and Ornaments of the Garo Dancers.

Garo Female Dresses:

  1. Ganna Dakmanda : One piece of wrapper worn on the waist upto the ankles
  2. Ganna Kore Kinga : Petticoat
  3. Chinani : Special Shawl with beads designs
  4. Chroko ganna : Wrapper with shells and beads
  5. Dodok : One piece cloth worn across one arm
  6. Re'king : Small petticoat
  7. Kotip : Coloured Turban

Garo Female Ornaments:

  1. Ripok Do'katchi : Necklace with stone gems and emerald
  2. Rikgitok : Necklace of coral beads of 10 lines
  3. Rikgitchak : Necklace with various gems, ivory and metal bells
  4. Ollongga/Nakongsi : Brass Earrings in bunches
  5. Kabong / Kade : Head gear made of shells
  6. Kade bibol : Special designed head gear
  7. Asingsok/Riksil : Necklace with metal bells
  8. Bato Rengki : Hair Band
  9. Rikmatchu : Necklace Coral beads
  10. Seng'ki : Shell beads worn over the waist
  11. Siliting : Silver Chain with designs
  12. Konal : Tight Silver necklace
  13. Sis /Narikki : Earrings made of lead
  14. Naderong : Designed beads
  15. Nabal : Decorated beads worn on the ears
  16. Sangong/Jaksan : Bangles of metal or Brass
  17. Pilne : Decorated head gear with cock's plume
  18. Ki'chong : Special Bamboo comb

Garo Male Dresses:

  1. Gantap : Wrapper worn above knee
  2. Genji Gisim : Black T Shirt
  3. Kotip Nokma : Silk Maroon turban of head man
  4. Kotip : Turban
  5. Kadesil : Head gear
  6. Pandra : Cloth worn criss cross over the body
  7. Mending : Hair String for tying the hair
  8. Do'me : Cock's Plume
  9. Kot :Coat
  10. Sa.mil : Accompaniment of turban of Head man.

Garo Male Ornaments:

  1. Tapa/Jaksil/Rikgitok : Brass armlets
  2. Rikmatchu : Coral beads necklace
  3. Konal : Tight silver necklace
  4. Naderong : Designed earring of beads
  5. Sisa/Narikki : Bunch of earrings made of lead
  6. Mil'am : Sword double edged
  7. Danil/Seppi : Shield made of rhino's skin
  8. Rang : Brass Gongs
  9. Sel'u : Spear.