1. The Lyngngams and their Folk Dances : K.Langrin
  2. Traditional Institutions of the People of Meghalaya : Julius L.R.Marak
  3. The Kynshi River and the Nonkhnum River Island : E.Phylla Syiem
  4. Evolution of Riangsih Sirdarship : P.S.Nianglang
  5. The Borghat Historical and Archaeological Remains: G.Sumer
  6. Concept of 'Kur' in Khasi Culture : B.Kharlyngdoh
  7. Sawdong ka Lyngwiar Dpei : Silbi Passah
  8. Tagore in Shillong : Tarun Bhattacharjee
  9. The Album (The end of innocence) : P.S. Thangkhiew
  10. Dresses and Ornaments of Dancers in Meghalaya
  11. Musical Instruments used during festivals and ceremonies
  12. Report of Workshop-cum-Training on Conservation of Cultural Property.