1. Art and Culture- Its Importance in the Present Day World - M. S. Sangma
  2. Life , Religion and Culture of the People of Meghalaya - Shri G.W. Kharkongor
  3. Meghalaya... The Matrilineal Society - Mrs. Minimon Laloo
  4. Archery - A Traditional Sport - Sumer Sing Sawian
  5. The Megalithic Culture of the Khasis - Dr. C. Wolflang
  6. Nokpante (Bachelor's House) - Mihir N. Sangma
  7. Baitbari - The Archaeological Site in the West garo Hills District - Shri Gabriel Sumer
  8. Funeral Rites of the Jaintias
  9. The Khasi Folk Dances - Shri A.K.Nongkynrih
  10. The Lyngams - Everard D. Nongsiang
  11. Profile of the Department of Art and Culture
  12. Places of Cultural Interest
  13. Places of Cultural Interest
  14. Some useful information about the State and Important Festivals.